Planning: NCEA booklet information.

Ironic -light until the end

Need excellence-value all students equally especially our excellence students – excellence is a great reward for the students (and the school).

march 31st funding- stay at school until then
Advice for NCEA to year 10s
English department not giving writing/literacy credits-taking other subjects (drama)
Handing internals in on time
Studying for externals
Responsible for your own learning
Exceptions on subject endorsements in PE (Mr Hose)

Each level is the most important year

Create volunteering-want one last bit from us before we leave teenage slavery, what we are meant to learn from it. Maximise the effectiveness of your endeavours through slavery. Reading to the elderly (the teachers parents) so they don’t have to.

Students thrive in the knowledge

  • Booklet format
  • Third person
  • Informative

Welcome to Mt Aspiring College. This booklet has been created to assist students, families and most importantly our staff in understanding the logical, current curriculum: National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

There are three NCEA qualifications:

Level 1. The first year requires 80 credits, 10 of which must be from prescribed literacy standards and 10 from numeracy standards. It focuses on challenging the students to take responsibility for their learning and therefore is often known as the most important year.

Level 2. This year requires 80 credits however, due to the consuming lifestyle these students acquire, only 60 credits must be achieved through level 2 standards and 20 may be carried over from the previous level. Level 2 focuses on a term labelled “credit farming” for University Entrance and therefore is often known as the most important year.

Level 3. The final year requires 80 credits, 60 which must be of level 3 standards and the remaining 20 may be taken from the previous level if accomplished. Level 3 focuses not only on academic results but also on individual achievements. We enforce personal growth through programs such as Students in the Community where each pupil undergoes compulsory volunteering. Previous examples include coaching children’s sports teams and spending time with the elderly. Our staff encourage those undertaking level 3 to engage with differing generations, therefore, allowing themselves to be dismissed from this obligation. This results in the schools values (S.O.A.R.) being effectively portrayed through teenage slavery.

Furthermore, individual student needs are catered for with tailored courses and able assistance provided prior to March 31st where we receive our school funding per pupil. It is then that we warmly invite students to “Enjoy success” in the real world where we are certain they will accomplish their goals. Due to the value of our level 3 students to our school, community and future employers, it is often known as the most important year.


At each level your certificate may be endorsed with Merit (if you gain 50 or more credits at merit or excellence in the same year) or Excellence (if you gain 50 or more credits at excellence in the same year). Students at MAC aspire to achieve excellence and

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